Tooth-Coloured fillings in Barrie

Your Teeth Cavities Restored with Precision and Care

The dentists at Molson Park Dental Office work tirelessly to keep your teeth healthy while preserving and improving the overall smile. Generally, tooth-coloured fillings let our dentists treat tooth decay and cavities. That means no one will ever notice that you had cavities at some point.

Restore Dental Cavities With Tooth-coloured Fillings

Suppose you open your mouth wide; will the other people around you notice the number of times you have been at a dentist’s chair for dental cavity fillings? In case your entire mouth is sprinkled with silver fillings, perhaps it’s time to consider having these fillings replaced with excellent tooth-coloured fillings. Our cosmetic dentist performs this dental procedure to keep our patients’ smiles looking pearly white and beautiful despite any tooth damage or decay they had previously.

Several treatment options are available for you to consider. Some may require the expertise of an orthodontist, while others, like flossing or brushing in a gentle manner, do not. Our expert knows how to fix black triangles in teeth using all the available methods, including interproximal reduction, hyaluronic acid treatment, veneers, braces, and composite resin. Talk to us, and we will identify the most comfortable and effective option for you.

Treating Tooth Decay And Cavities


At Molson Park Dental Office, our priority is to keep your teeth healthy while preserving and improving the overall beauty of your smile. Tooth-coloured filling options allow the dentist to successfully treat tooth decay such that no one will ever notice you had dental cavities or tooth damage previously. Our doctors can successfully hide the different signs of tooth decay using porcelain veneers (inlays or onlays) and composite fillings.

Composite Fillings


White or tooth-coloured fillings are used the same way as silver amalgam dental fillings. The decaying tissue is removed, and the resulting cavity is filled with a resin material that looks like a putty. The resin colour is matched to your natural teeth colour to ensure it doesn’t stand out. Some patients prefer having their existing silver fillings removed and replaced with naturally-coloured fillings. Our team of dentists can perform this procedure effectively and safely.





Porcelain Inlays & Onlays


Porcelain inlays and onlays can be used if your tooth has suffered extensive decay or damage that cannot be fixed using regular dental filling but not severe enough to necessitate a dental crown. Instead of covering the entire tooth with a dental crown, porcelain inlay can correct the tooth’s indented space, while porcelain onlays can be used where the problems are on the tooth’s ridges or cusps.


Our team of highly experienced dentists uses high-quality porcelain materials when fitting a patient with dental inlays or onlays. Keep in mind that these are custom-made items created in a laboratory for an absolutely precise fit and natural colour that matches your tooth. Some of the advantages of porcelain onlays and inlays include:


  • Porcelain material doesn’t contract or expand with changes in temperature. This eliminates the possibility of a tooth fracture.
  • Porcelain material bonds effectively with a patient’s tooth. This provides additional strength.
  • Porcelain material looks more natural compared to silver dental fillings.


If you are battling tooth decay and cavities, it is in your interest to consult with our dentists at Molson Park Dental Office. Also, if you want to learn more about how various tooth-coloured fillings can help keep you smiling, beautiful, and healthy, contact us.

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