Treatment Options

Treatment Options

Removable vs. Permanent Teeth On Implants Treatment Options


While nature very kindly bestows on us a full set of natural healthy teeth, not everyone gets to keep all their teeth well into their adulthood. Owing to lifestyle choices and sometimes unforeseen circumstances, it is common to find people missing one or more teeth. When you find yourself missing a tooth or several, you have the option of going for dentures. Dentures are replacement teeth that play the role of natural teeth.There are mainly two types of dentures: permanent and removable. As the names suggest, these dentures vary by the amount of permanence attached to them. Removable dentures can be easily taken off while permanent dentures require additional input from a dental surgeon before they can be removed.

Factors to Take into Consideration

a) Number of Missing Teeth

If you are missing all the teeth in a jaw, it is most likely the dentist will advise on removable dentures but if you are missing just one to several teeth and the remaining ones are in good condition, a dentist will mostly recommend you to have permanent dentures.

b) Cleaning And Maintenance Ability

Removable teeth are basically easy to remove and brush. Permanent dentures require more attentive care, but it is not too different from the routine brushing and flossing that you have to undertake for natural teeth.

Permanent or Removable Dentures

Permanent or Removable Dentures?

c) Patient Preference

This is what the patient really wants. Most people would want something that is comfortable and doesn’t take their precious time to do any maintenance on them. That is why most would prefer permanent dentures. But after some research, it shows that most patients who have had dentures would prefer removable ones.

d) Soft Tissue And Bone Support

Removable dentures have an acrylic that replaces gum tissue. Therefore, if you are missing a lot of bone and or soft tissue, removable teeth may provide better and improved aesthetics. This is because the removable teeth do not require a lot of jawbone before they can be used as is the case with permanent dentures which require some drilling to be done in the jawbone.


What Is Less Costly?

e) Costs

Removable teeth are less costly since they are easier in terms of placement, but permanent dentures need crowns and bridges to place them. Even the laboratory costs of permanent dentures are way above those of removable sets.

f) Speech Consideration

With both, there will be a major oral change with your new additions. As long as the treatment is well planned and done in a reputable dental institution you should be able to resume your normal speech within a short time.

What Is More Durable?

g) Maintenance And Repair

Removable teeth are made to have plastic clips that hold and allow dentures to fall into place hence the clips may wear out and require replacement every 2-4 years.

h) Durability

Fixed dentures are more durable than temporary plastic dentures since plastic wears out faster.

It is important to discuss these factors with your dental practitioner so that you are in a position to make an informed decision regarding your denture options.

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