Oral Cancer Screening In Barrie

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Ideally, every patient wants an oral cancer examination process to be completed with each 6-month checkup. The dentists and dental hygienists at Molson Park Dental Office have a wealth of knowledge, professional training, and many years of experience in oral cancer screening and exams. In case you have not been screened for oral cancer for quite some time, it is in your best interest to consult with our dentists.

Detect Oral Cancer Early

Generally, oral cancer screening is the most critical first line of defence when it comes to early detection of this health condition. Providing dental services wouldn’t be possible without considering this important fact. Molson Park Dental Office is among the top dental facilities in Barrie providing oral cancer screening. This gives patients a chance to detect oral cancer in its earliest stages, which makes it possible to get treated.

Several treatment options are available for you to consider. Some may require the expertise of an orthodontist, while others, like flossing or brushing in a gentle manner, do not. Our expert knows how to fix black triangles in teeth using all the available methods, including interproximal reduction, hyaluronic acid treatment, veneers, braces, and composite resin. Talk to us, and we will identify the most comfortable and effective option for you.

What Affects the Overall Condition of Your Mouth?

Each year, there are thousands of oral cancer infections reported in Canada. At the same time, more people die each year due to oral cancer compared to cervical cancer or melanoma. Over 84% of the reported cases can be diagnosed early by getting screened regularly by an experienced dentist.

During this oral health exam, you will not feel discomfort or pain, and it takes less than five minutes. Note that oral cancer screening in Barrie must be performed by a highly experienced and professional dentist. As you undergo the usual screening routine, your dentist will be checking for abnormalities such as lumps, white (or red or grey) areas, or any tenderness.

During oral cancer screening, your dentist will check nearly every part of your mouth. That includes the front section, bottom area, tongue, gums, lips, and teeth. The dentist will also inspect and examine the floor of your mouth and the area underneath your tongue. He or she is likely to touch and inspect the lymph nodes in your jaw and neck, pull your tongue with a gauge for a thorough inspection, and may ask you about your drinking or smoking habits, lifestyle, and other health conditions or medications that you will be taking.

Ideally, most patients prefer having an oral cancer test completed every 6-month checkup. The dental hygienist and dentist in our clinic have many years of training and experience in oral cancer examination and screening. If you have not been screened for oral cancer for a long time, it is essential that you schedule a consultation or screening session with our dentists.





Oral Cancer Test

It is essential to mention that if there is a suspicious area in your mouth or your dentist has found something akin to the indicators of oral cancer, it doesn’t mean you have it. Various studies have proved that only a small percentage of patients with abnormalities get diagnosed with oral cancer. However, further investigations and testing are essential for all abnormal areas to rule out any cancerous lesions. Molson Park Dental Office is fully equipped with oral cancer examination medical equipment and highly experienced dentists.

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