Mini Dental Implants – Everything You Need to Know About Them?

Mini Dental Implants

Missing teeth not only impact the self-confidence of a person but also affect the appearance of a smile while at the same time changing the shape of the face. So evidently, tooth loss is more than a cosmetic issue. The good thing is you don’t have to make do with having missing teeth. This is thanks to dental implants Barrie. What is even better is the fact that mini dental implants do exist – but are mini dental implants good? The purpose of this post is to answer this question while sharing other vital information about mini dental implants.

What is the Difference Between a Dental Implant and a Mini Implant?

As you may already know, dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. They can be used to replace one tooth or multiple teeth. They can also be used to hold removable dentures. Unlike dentures that sit on the surface of the gum, dental implants are usually screwed into the jawbone. Conventional implants are made of two pieces with a diameter of between 3.25 and 5 millimetres.

Advances in technology have led to the creation of mini dental implants. These implants have the same structure as normal dental implants. As for what are mini dental implants made of, they consist of titanium or a titanium alloy. The main difference between the two implants is that the mini implants have a single screw with a diameter of fewer than 3 millimetres. They also have a ball-shaped end which protrudes from the jawbone.

How painful are mini dental implantsThe answer is less than normal implants, and here is why. The technique used in mini dental implants is less invasive than that used in conventional implants. This is mostly because these implants are toothpick-sized and are put over the gum surface. Conventional implants are placed under the gums.

Because mini dental implants are less involved, the procedure takes less time to complete. A dentist can be done with the implants within a single visit. The procedure is done using local anesthesia, and sutures are not required. This is unlike conventional implants that take a couple of months and require a minimum of two dental appointments. Some procedures may even require more visits when bone grafting is needed.

When looking at how different conventional dental implants are from mini dental implants, the question of whether mini dental implants are permanent is very common. The answer is they are permanent. While they are less invasive, mini dental implants offer a permanent structure when replacing missing teeth. They are also preferred where regular implants are impractical. How long do mini dental implants last? They last 6 to 9 years.

What are the Advantages of Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants provide similar advantages as conventional dental implants. There are, however, some additional benefits that conventional implants don’t offer. Here are some of the key benefits:

1.  Less Invasive 

The grand beauty of mini dental implants is that they are less invasive. They are placed using only localized anesthetic. As aforementioned, the procedure can be completed within a single visit.

2.  Fast Recovery

The fact that mini dental implants are small in size and require a less invasive surgery means the recovery time is shorter.

3.  Low Cost 

The cost of mini dental implants varies. However, when compared to conventional dental implants, they cost less.

4.  Require Less Jawbone Density 

Regular implants are not for everyone because they require a certain amount of jawbone mass. At times, when the jawbone is not strong enough, bone grafting may be required. This is not the case with mini dental implants. These implants are smaller and don’t require a lot of jawbone mass. For this reason, they are highly recommended for persons with lost jawbone density. Jawbone density may be lost due to injury, tooth decay or other conditions such as osteoporosis.

5.  The procedure can be Completed Without Bone Grafting 

When a patient doesn’t have enough jawbone mass, jawbone grafting may be required before traditional implants are placed. Needless to say, jawbone grafting can take several months to a year to heal completely. If you were wondering are mini implants worth it, this can be a sufficient answer.

6.  Faster Results 

With conventional implants, you will need several visits for the procedure to be done. This is because the gum and jaw have to heal completely around the dental implant screw before a replacement tooth can be placed on it. With mini dental implants, the replacement tooth can be placed on the implant on the same day.

7.  Fits in Small Areas of the Mouth 

When it comes to the replacement of smaller teeth, mini dental implants are perfect. Their small size makes it easy to fit them in narrow openings and for persons with a small jaws.

8.  It is Less Painful 

The small size and the less invasive procedure make mini implants less painful than regular implants.

9.  More Permanent than Dentures or Bridges 

How long do dental mini implants last? That is 6 to 9 years. They can be used as permanent solutions for missing teeth.

10.  Prevent Facial Collapse 

Just like regular implants, mini dental implants are inserted into the jawbone. This enables the jaw and teeth to retain their previous size and placement.

Disadvantages of Mini Dental Implants

What is the downside of mini dental implants? The main drawback is these implants are unfit for places with little vertical bone. This is because the screws are long. Secondly, damage to the implant means the whole implant has to be removed and implanted afresh, which can be traumatizing for some patients.

As you can see, there are quite a number of differences between conventional and mini implants. Always speak to your dentist to understand which implants will be perfect for you. Molson Park Dental is committed to offering the best quality services in dental health. Get in touch today to learn more about mini dental implants.