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Breastfeeding has many well-chronicled benefits. Even so, it is vital to remember that nursing can also better the long-term dental health of your baby. Breastfeeding gives your baby a head start on crucial dental health developments. That is why at Molson Park Dental Office, we offer help with the breastfeeding process. We are able to perform lingual frenectomy if your baby is struggling with attachment when nursing.

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How Breastfeeding Improves the Dental Health of Your Child

The most important part of a child’s formative years is bone and muscle development. Most recommendations and advice given to expecting mothers are meant to facilitate this. The teeth and jaw are no exception. A strong and well-aligned jaw is one that has well-developed as well as exercised muscles and ligaments. A strong jaw also requires you to have strong, sturdy, and healthy bones.

Breastfeeding plays a key role in stimulating the development of a strong jaw and teeth. When nursing, a child exercises the complex network of muscles, ligaments, bones, and nerves in the jaw. The sucking motion further stimulates the facial muscles.

Breastfeeding leads to the safe development of the palate of your child. Studies show that babies that breastfeed are less likely to need orthodontic treatment. With a good jaw alignment, breastfeeding helps alleviate the risk of sleep apnea later in life.




What is a Lingual Frenectomy?


While breastfeeding has many benefits, new mothers experience problems when getting started with breastfeeding. The most common issue is problems with attachment. This is often caused by an overly prominent frenum. The frenum is the tissue that connects the lower part of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. Thankfully, there is a solution for this.

When you contact Molson Park Dental Office, our dentists will examine the condition and provide a solution. They have been presenting women in Barrie with effective solutions on how to deal with this issue. Our dentists will help you determine if your child’s breastfeeding challenge is being caused by the frenum. After that, they will determine if frenectomy is the best way forward.

Lingual frenectomy is a procedure that takes about 5 minutes. During the procedure, the dentist removes the frenum with a surgical laser. The procedure is done using local anesthesia. The majority of children get over the unpleasant feeling or discomfort very fast once the procedure is done.

Do you suspect your child needs a lingual frenectomy? Contact Molson Park Dental Office today for a consultation with our team of experienced dentists.

What is a Lingual Frenectomy?



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