Full Mouth Dental Implants

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A dental implant is made to replace a missing tooth. The implants are designed to be comfortable to wear. They help you maintain the same alignment and keep your bone structure strong.

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Restorative dentistry is an effective method of bringing your smile back to its best. As the teeth age, they experience wear and tear. This wear and tear often equate to teeth that have been damaged, decayed, or missing. The good news is dental implants can help renew the attractiveness and function of your teeth. Contact us today to find out more about the available restorative dentistry options.

Several treatment options are available for you to consider. Some may require the expertise of an orthodontist, while others, like flossing or brushing in a gentle manner, do not. Our expert knows how to fix black triangles in teeth using all the available methods, including interproximal reduction, hyaluronic acid treatment, veneers, braces, and composite resin. Talk to us, and we will identify the most comfortable and effective option for you.

Dental Implants

If you’ve lost a tooth

Root Canals

When the pulp of a tooth is infected or inflamed, root canal is the option used to treat the condition. The inflamed or infected pulp will be extracted, and the space created inside the affected tooth is filled, sealed and capped with a filling or crown. Root canal enables the affected tooth to continue functioning as normal.

Crowns and Bridges

A crown is a tooth-shaped cap usually placed on a damaged tooth to restore its strength and function. Bridges, in contrast, are used to fill the gap between missing teeth. They are ideal as a full tooth replacement method and keep surrounding teeth from shifting. Crowns and bridges are both popular restorative dentistry treatments.

Full Mouth Dental Implants

As a leading provider of restorative dentistry in Barrie, we often deal with tooth loss and tooth damage regularly. Whether you have a bad cavity or have several teeth missing, if there is a problem, we are happy to provide high-class restorative dentistry solutions that will fix the problem permanently.

Not getting an assessment and getting restorative dentistry in Barrie means you will have oral problems such as trouble eating, chronic discomfort and possible infections. At Molson Park Dental Office, dental implants, mercury-free white fillings, bridges and crowns are readily available.

We have a team of experienced dentists that will help with restorative dentistry in Barrie. We are committed to giving you a chance to feel at ease about your oral health. No matter the extent of damage you have, we can create a custom solution for you that will be appropriate for your needs and lifestyle. If you require restorative dentistry, there is absolutely no need for you to go without treatment. The consequences of not getting treatment are often severe.

The most important thing is to get an assessment done by a dentist. The dentist will diagnose your issue and offer the best option for you to repair the problem. The solutions provided vary depending on the condition of your teeth.

Other common reasons you need restorative dentistry in Barrie include to fill large spaces between the teeth, to prevent loss of a tooth and to improve or correct an improper bite. Restorative dentistry can also be used to replace old dental treatments.

Our dentists are happy to provide you with the best restorative treatment. Give us a call today to book an appointment.

Root Canals

infected or inflamed pulp

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At Molson Park Dental Office, we provide family dentistry services. Toronto and Barrie dentist, Dr. Layth works with every child to build trust and comfort through the entire dental visit process.