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Permanent Replacement For Missing Teeth

Losing a tooth does not mean you have to smile with your hand over your mouth for the rest of your life. Dental implants offer a lasting solution for replacing a missing tooth. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are positioned in the jawbone to fill the gap left by a missing tooth. A new tooth is anchored on the implants.

What To Expect From Barrie Dental Implant Procedure

Tooth degradation or loss can occur as you get older. It can occur because of decay, injury, or gum disease. Regardless of the cause, the situation can have detrimental effects on your professional and social life. It can cause difficulty when managing regular practices like chewing food or having a conversation. If not rectified, it can lead to more problems in the future.
Dental implants can be a permanent solution for existing gaps or extensively decayed teeth. They also come in handy for issues that need root replacement. Our dentist Barrie have done numerous procedures and can handle the surgery with unmatched skills and expertise. The installation involves putting in titanium posts in the jawbone surgically. We can also personalize the treatment using dental bridges, crowns, or dentures depending on whether a single tooth or several teeth are missing.
We understand the anxiety associated with not having all the information pertaining to dental implants when you need them. As such, we encourage you to talk to us and get more information about your case. You can also set up a meeting with our dentist to formulate a treatment plan that will give you back a radiant smile. We will help you figure out if implants are the best solution.

The Parts of Dental Implants

Dental implants consist of several sections that must fit together for the teeth to function fully. That is the only way the replacement will be successful and worth your money. If any part does not work, the entire dental treatment flops. They include the abutment, dental crown, and titanium post. Contact us for outstanding dental implants Barrie.

Implant Post

We place titanium implants in your jawbone during in all-on-four treatment process. These implants help preserve and support the structural integrity of your jawbone. Over the years, this will give your face a better structure and appearance.

Implant Restoration

All-on-four dental implants procedure is also known to have short treatment periods as the tilting of the posterior implants usually prevents the need to perform the bone grafting process, which is usually time-consuming. This concept offers lasting results and is more affordable than other related dental procedures.

Implant Abutment

When you have healthy teeth, you can speak fluently and chew food properly. All-on-four dental implants allow patients to have better looking-dentures without the complications of the usual dentures that tend to slip off and probably ruin one’s confidence.

Immediate Tooth Replacement Dental Implants: Teeth in a Day

If you have lost all your teeth or it is impractical to fix each tooth individually, the dentist will recommend immediate tooth replacement dental implants. The technique is convenient and more predictable compared to traditional dental implants. The best thing is the procedure can be completed in a day.

The procedure uses four to six dental implants to attach a full set of permanent replacement teeth. The implants can function immediately and don’t require bone grafting. Patients with low bone density to support traditional dental implants are the best candidates for this procedure.

Dental Implants

Teeth in a Day

Dental Implants

Benefits of Immediate Tooth Replacement

Benefits of Immediate Tooth Replacement Dental Implants


  • More affordable
  • Less recovery time
  • Less discomfort
  • Easy to maintain
  • Stabilizes your jawbone
  • Never have to be removed
  • Enables you to eat a wider range of foods
  • No more worrying about dentures slipping while eating or speaking
  • Build self-confidence

How To Take Care of Dental Implants At Home

The dentists and oral health hygienists at Molson Park Dental Office may recommend all-on-four dental implants under the following circumstances:
Dental implants require proper care, the same as natural teeth. Try not to ignore them or adopt poor hygiene habits once you get them. Their installation takes a lot of time and resources, meaning you cannot afford to lose them. Without proper care, they may not perform the intended function to their capacity. Knowing the correct oral hygiene is critical. Familiarize yourself with the best techniques you can do at home to keep the implants in perfect condition. You do not need exceptional methods to maintain the health and cleanliness of the implants. Assume they are your regular teeth and keep up with well-known practices.
It is important to remember that the dental formula remains the same after the installation of the dental implants. The biological components do not change, meaning bacteria still exist. Plaque and tartar also accumulate on the mouth surfaces and can cause problems if left for long. The bacteria may not cause an infection on the prosthesis, but the surrounding tissues and areas like gums remain vulnerable. The rest of the natural teeth can also become infected. You cannot focus on the remaining natural teeth and ignore the implants.
We advise that you use a soft toothbrush and brush your teeth at least twice every day. It removes the plaque and trapped food particles between the teeth and implants. Try to aim the brush at different angles to cover all the surfaces, including the prostheses and gum lines. If you cannot brush after a meal, rinse your mouth with water to prevent bacteria from accumulating.
Use an antimicrobial mouthwash to rinse the mouth. It reduces the chances of infection on hard-to-reach surfaces such as between the implant and the gumline. If possible, use an oral irrigator to remove food particles between cracks and other crevices that the brush or regular floss cannot reach.
We will discuss the homecare routines in details one-on-one after the implant procedure. We ensure you understand the habits you need to do before going home. We also provide any other information you need to prolong the lifespan of the implants. You can create a list of questions and feel free to seek clarifications where applicable.



Dental Implants vs. Dental Bridges

When a tooth gap is left for long, the teeth can drift out of alignment. This can throw your bite out of alignment leading to a painful condition known as TMJ or TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). Traditionally, to fill the gap of a missing tooth, dental bridges were used.

While dental bridges effectively fill the space of a missing tooth, they leave a gap in the jawbone. This leaves room for gradual bone resorption (shrinkage). Over time, a small indented area will form under the tooth gap.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are made using biocompatible titanium alloy. Once it is placed in the bone, bone tissues will grow around it. Implants can be used to hold more than one tooth.

After two or three months of healing, our dentist, Dr. Layth will attach a porcelain or acrylic tooth to the implant, thus filling the gap. With a dental implant, your tooth alignment will not change and your jawbone will not shrink. With proper dental hygiene and regular checkups, your dental implant will last indefinitely.

Our dentist, Dr. Layth is experienced and skilled at dental implants. He will provide you with a complete evaluation of your dental health and inform you of any dental problems. Dental problems like gum disease have to be treated early to keep the bacteria from getting into the bloodstream. If any tooth or jaw misalignment is detected, Dr.Layth will discuss treatment options.

Several treatment options are available for you to consider. Some may require the expertise of an orthodontist, while others, like flossing or brushing in a gentle manner, do not. Our expert knows how to fix black triangles in teeth using all the available methods, including interproximal reduction, hyaluronic acid treatment, veneers, braces, and composite resin. Talk to us, and we will identify the most comfortable and effective option for you.

The Ideal Candidate for Dental Implants

  • Has enough bone density in the jawbone to support the implants
  • Doesn’t suffer from active infections and has good overall health
  • Is not suffering from gum disease
  • Does not grind teeth
  • Is ready to practice good dental hygiene

While dental implants are strong and durable, you must practise proper dental hygiene for them to last indefinitely. Call us or send an email to our dental office in Barrie to arrange a consultation with our dentists.

Several treatment options are available for you to consider. Some may require the expertise of an orthodontist, while others, like flossing or brushing in a gentle manner, do not. Our expert knows how to fix black triangles in teeth using all the available methods, including interproximal reduction, hyaluronic acid treatment, veneers, braces, and composite resin. Talk to us, and we will identify the most comfortable and effective option for you.

We are a Family Friendly Practice

At Molson Park Dental Office, we provide family dentistry services. Toronto and Barrie dentist, Dr. Layth works with every child to build trust and comfort through the entire dental visit process.