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Dental bridges are available in different types depending on the location and number of missing teeth. Each dental bridge is crafted individually to match the unique needs of a patient. While dental bridges are capable of lasting for many years, they are not permanent. Most dental bridges only perform well for 5 to 10 years. After that, you will need new dental bridges.

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How Your Existing Teeth Support Dental Bridges

With dental bridges, the teeth that are adjacent to the missing tooth serve as anchors for the dental bridge. The adjacent teeth are prepared to be covered with an Empress porcelain dental crown by removing a small amount of the enamel. Dental crowns are custom-made so that they fit your teeth perfectly and hold the custom artificial tooth in the empty space. This is a fixed dental bridge that is not removable like the facelift dentures.

Various terms are used by dentists to refer to the components and types of dental bridges:

  • Abutment teeth – these are the anchor teeth that are fitted with dental crowns
  • Pontic – artificial tooth that is used between the abutment teeth
  • Cantilever bridge – a dental bridge that is used when you only got one healthy tooth next to the empty gap. This is mainly used for the front teeth.
  • Maryland bonded dental bridge – this is a dental bridge that uses a winged metal framework that is cemented to the back of the adjacent teeth and a plastic artificial tooth on top.

Once the dental bridge process is done, you will be able to use the artificial teeth like normal teeth. The porcelain materials used to build the dental bridges look, feel and function just like genuine teeth. Using precision attachments, our dentists can also incorporate removable dental bridges.

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Why is a Gap in Your Smile Harmful?

  • The jawbone will deteriorate
  • The gap may keep you from eating some foods
  • Remaining teeth may have a heavier burden than they are equipped for
  • You may suffer speech impediment
  • Adjacent teeth can shift into the empty space causing your teeth to be misaligned. This may lead to TMJ problems

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The Tooth Crown Procedure

Why don’t dental bridges last forever?

Dental bridges can last up to 15 years or even more when you practice good dental hygiene. Since the adjacent teeth are fitted with a dental crown, they will have to be ‘crowned’ even if you don’t replace your dental bridge.

Do I need to clean around my artificial tooth?

Yes. While the artificial tooth is resistant to decay, the gums are capable of getting infected. The anchor teeth must also be taken good care of.

How do I decide which tooth replacement option is best?

Our dentists will help you evaluate all your options and answer your questions. If you are in Barrie, arrange a consultation with us to discuss your options in detail.