What is Fluorosis – How to Prevent and Treat It

Fluoride protects our teeth, but too much exposure to fluoride could cause a condition known as fluorosis. Fluorosis is a mild change in the appearance of the teeth, usually characterized by faint white marks on the teeth. Fluorosis doesn’t cause pain or affect the function of the teeth. The condition occurs due to excessive exposure…

What are Canine Teeth?

Learning how to care for your teeth is important because that is the only way to maintain proper oral hygiene and retain your natural teeth. All in all, to give your teeth the best care, it is essential to learn about the different functions of different teeth and to visit Moslon Park family dentist in Barrie regularly.…

How to Remove White Spots on Your Teeth

Teeth discoloration can have a significant impact on your smile. Having discoloured teeth can even impact your self-confidence. The good thing is stains on teeth can be removed. So what happens when you have white marks on your teeth? Can these issues be reversed? Most people are familiar with teeth discoloration that involves stains. There are…

Can Hormone Imbalance Cause Dental Problems?

Your hormones can affect your mood, weight, sex drive, and, surprisingly, even your dental health. Many women are surprised to learn that hormone surges can make them more susceptible to gum disease. Changes in female hormones, progesterone and estrogen, could affect the blood supply into your gums, making your gums hypersensitive. You are more sensitive…

What Are Retainers and Why Do You Need Retainers for?

You just had your braces removed, but you noticed your teeth slipping back into their original positions. That’s why you consulted your dentist, and they suggested wearing retainers. However, you’re unsure what these oral devices are and are curious to learn more. So, what are tooth retainers used for? Braces are specifically intended to realign your…

How to Relieve Tooth Pain from Sinus Pressure

If you experience sinus pressure, you know how unbearable the pain can sometimes be. Sinus pressure is not just an inconvenience but can cause myriad problems, including pain when eating, loss of sleep and significant discomfort. As you may already know, both sinus infections and allergies can lead to sinus pressure. Both of these can…



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