Professional Black Triangles Treatment with Braces

Black triangles form when there is gum recession from pressure and regular force over a prolonged period. The recession can occur as you get older, creating a gap known as Open Gingival Embrasures. The triangles are not always problematic, but they can affect the visual appeal of your smile. That is why black triangle orthodontics is vital. Different treatment options are available for black triangles, including braces. Molson Park orthodontists can stop gum loss and other possible complications likely to arise from the receding gum line.

What We Can Do About Black Triangles Between Your Teeth


Studies have shown that at least one out of three adults has black triangles. The causes vary but regardless of how they form, the question remains, how do I get rid of the black triangle on my teeth?

Several treatment options are available for you to consider. Some may require the expertise of an orthodontist, while others, like flossing or brushing in a gentle manner, do not. Our expert knows how to fix black triangles in teeth using all the available methods, including interproximal reduction, hyaluronic acid treatment, veneers, braces, and composite resin. Talk to us, and we will identify the most comfortable and effective option for you.

Reasons You Have a Black Triangle in Your Teeth

The causes of black triangles vary, ranging from aggressive oral hygiene practices like brushing or flossing too hard, receding gums, bone structure loss, and the shape of the tooth and some orthodontic treatments, such as the use of braces. Black triangles can form if incisors are wider at the biting surface than near the gumline. Similarly, gum disease or natural wear and tear of the gums can also create black triangles in your teeth. Excessive tooth picking, osteoporosis, or advanced gum disease can lead to bone structure degradation and subsequent black triangles.
Black triangles do not interfere with oral health, but they may point to an underlying issue. For instance, new gaps may begin to form between your teeth if you are suffering from bone loss or gum disease. However, the space can also harbour food particles, speed up tooth decay, and alter the appearance of your teeth. Visit our offices if you suspect you have black triangles.

Reasons You Have a Black Triangle in Your Teeth



Is it Possible to Avoid the Black Triangle?

The best option is always to prevent the black triangles from forming in the first place. That is essential if you had them treated and fear they might recur. However, note that you cannot always avoid them, but you can try the following to reduce the chances of their formation.
Following a strict dental routine: Do not smoke, remember to floss and brush thoroughly, and use mouthwash daily. Try to be gentle and use a brush with soft bristles.
Keep up with the dental appointments: Let our dentists perform regular checkups to prevent the advancement of potential problems. We will also ensure the gums do not get inflamed and prevent bone loss. We are available to monitor your oral health.

Do Orthodontics Cause Black Triangles?

No, orthodontic treatments such as the Invisalign use do not cause black triangles. Most people associate the two because the treatments expose hidden black triangles. Procedures such as teeth alignment using braces or other techniques cannot cause black triangles. Therefore, do not fear visiting a dentist if you suspect you have gum tissues receeding or any other issues.
Our professionals only solve problems you have – we do not add to them or magnify them. The sooner we discover oral issues, the faster we can fix them.




Orthodontic Treatments for Black Triangles Between Your Teeth

We understand that black triangles can cause significant discomfort even though they do not affect your health. The good news is that you can get an orthodontic procedure that rectifies them.

How do you get rid of triangles between your teeth?

Interproximal reduction: The procedure requires the skills of an experienced orthodontist due to its delicate nature. No special equipment is necessary for the process – the professional uses their hand to place diamond-aligned strips between the teeth. Our orthodontist may trim a section of the enamel to create room before pushing the teeth toward each other. That reduces the space the gums have to cover, hence reducing the chances of black triangles showing.

Invisalign or braces: Braces or Invisalign is also effective in eradicating black triangles. The orthodontist may forcefully push the affected teeth to move them to create a perfect alignment. Well-aligned teeth can eradicate the triangles.

Bioclear technique: The Bioclear Teeth method is a new option overtaking the other orthodontic solutions due to its cost-efficient nature and long-lasting results. The orthodontist must first remove biofilm from the teeth for the treatment method to work effectively. Otherwise, bacteria can prevent the bioclear from attaching correctly to the enamel. The procedure involves the use of composite resin, which is applied while warm and a matrix that gets attached to the tooth. The resin is injected into the matrix before its removal, ensuring it takes the natural tooth shape.

Despite the durability, you must care for the bioclear teeth properly if you want them to remain in perfect condition for a long time. We can complete the entire process in one visit, so you do not have to worry about making several trips to our offices. Our dentists have mastered the bioclear technique, making us one of the few in the region who can administer it well.

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