Bioclear Matrix System for Virtually Invisible Tooth Alignment

Bioclear Matrix provides the newest and most advanced products and techniques advancing from traditional preparations and matrix systems for both anterior and posterior composites. The system brings a new dimension to function and aesthetics through innovative procedural advances. The Bioclear method offers a more affordable option with remarkable results. It is our mission at Molson Park Dental to offer the best Bioclear treatment that is long-lasting, strong and aesthetically pleasing. 

Bioclear – Superior Composite for Smile Correction in Barrie

Large spaces between teeth, broken teeth, and decaying teeth can significantly negatively impact your self-image in front of people. It is also harder to clean damaged teeth. This often leads to bad breath, tooth decay and all manner of oral health problems. Traditional treatments are unnatural and very uncomfortable both physically and socially. Bioclear offers a more appealing method of improving the appearance of teeth. Our dentists have the training and lots of experience using Bioclear to treat all manner of dental problems. We are here to help you get the perfect natural smile. Get in touch with us now to find out more about Bioclear and how it can help you. 

What is Bioclear

Bioclear is a groundbreaking dental restoration technique that relies on the use of patented polymer matrices as well as tooth-colored resin to reconstruct and restore teeth. The technique is non-invasive and doesn’t damage the natural teeth. The best thing about Bioclear is that the procedure can be completed in a single visit and is durable and stain-resistant. The Bioclear technique is very new. Only a handful of dentists are Bioclear-certified in Canada. We are proud to be one of the few Bioclear certified dentists. 

How Does It Work?

The procedure starts with the removal of biofilm from the tooth. Biofilm is a layer of bacteria that occurs naturally on teeth. It can prevent Bioclear from bonding properly with the enamel. A matrix is then placed on the tooth, and the resin is warmed, then the injection is moulded into the matrix. This ensures the resin takes the shape that matches the natural teeth curvature. The resin is hardened using curing light. The matrix is then removed, and the tooth is polished to give it a natural shine.  


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Bioclear Step-by-Step

Step by Step Bioclear Treatment at Molson Park Dental Office

1 Like every other procedure, cleaning comes first during Bioclear treatment. We follow a thorough process, beginning with pushing the gums gently to expose part of the tooth surface we need to restore. We then reveal any remaining biofilm by using a disclosing agent that shows any invisible traces. The cleaning agent we use is strong enough to eliminate all the stubborn microscopic layers present on the enamel without causing any damage to the tooth surface.

2 The second step is to create a mould for the tooth. Our dentist chooses a thin mylar form, and we rely on several shapes to help get the treatment right. Our dentist places the form under the gumline before injecting composite resin. We use warm composite resin to fill the form. It differs from the one used in other procedures, but it still provides an exceptional mould for the improved surface.

3 The final step is to harden the resin and ascertain that it fits the shape of the affected tooth. We use ultraviolet polymerization after which we polish the new installation to ensure it blends with the adjacent teeth. In the end, the affected tooth will have a natural appearance like the others.



Benefits of Bioclear

  • Non-invasive: Traditional methods of teeth reconstruction require the grounding down of damaged teeth. Bioclear simply adds to the teeth without taking anything away.
  • Very durable: With proper care, the new bond can last years. You only need to switch to a toothpaste that is less abrasive.
  • Looks totally natural: Nobody will be able to know you have had cosmetic/restorative work done. 
  • Affordable: It is cheaper than porcelain veneers.
  • Fast: The procedure can be done within one visit. 

We are a Family Friendly Practice

At our Molson Park Dental Office, we are happy to offer family dentistry services. Our dentist Dr.May works with patients of all ages. Our focus is to build trust and comfort throughout the whole dental visit process. Contact us today to find out more about our services.

Practical Reasons for Invisible Braces

For a majority of patients, the traditional metal braces are pretty effective. The main problem, however, is that metal braces are quite obstructive. Invisalign®, on the other hand, enables you the convenience of taking out the aligner trays in specific situations such as when brushing your teeth, eating or flossing. This is not the case with metal braces which may get in the way of professional or personal situations like:

  • Reunions
  • Weddings
  • School dances
  • Job interviews

Are you dissatisfied with your smile because your teeth are crooked? Invisalign® may be the solution you need. Give us a call today to find out more about our Invisalign® invisible braces. We serve patients in Barrie.

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Bioclear vs Bonding

The Bioclear method is a dental technique that involves wrapping composite around a tooth to fix several issues, such as repairing black triangle gaps, broken or worn-out teeth, or diastemas, among others. Dentists use specific plastic matrices that are stain-resistant and more durable. Bonding also restores teeth, but dentists use older techniques that leave ledges on the teeth. Plaque can accumulate on those ledges to cause cavities, stain the teeth, or cause bleeding gums. The Bioclear method produces stronger teeth and a long-lasting visual appeal without causing any damage to the teeth.

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Bioclear vs Veneers

In most cases, dentists remove part of the existing tooth structure to place veneers. That makes veneers less conservative, and once the procedure is complete, you cannot reverse it. Bioclear technique has the opposite impact – it involves adding to the tooth to make it stronger. However, it does not include shedding off the enamel or interfering with the tooth structure. Veneers can chip if you grind your teeth. On the contrary, Bioclear materials are plastic matrices that are less likely to chip and are repairable. The Bioclear treatment process also requires a single appointment, which is different from veneers that involve several visits to the dental clinic.

Bioclear Method FAQs

How Long Will Bioclear Last?

Bioclear has impressive longevity, but that does not mean you should neglect them after installation. They can wear off at the same rate as the enamel, meaning they will remain in perfect condition for at least ten years. Of course, that duration can be longer depending on the level of expertise for the treatment and after-care.
Our Bioclear material does not stain or chip. Therefore, you can extend its lifespan by coming for cleaning regularly and protecting the new layer.

Can Bioclear be Repaired with Traditional Restorative Material?

Not exactly. The Bioclear restoration method depends on a specific technique that involves injecting a distinctive matrix in a particular manner to get the desirable moulding. Therefore, if the installation breaks or chips, the dentist must follow the same process and use precise composite materials.
Traditional restorative materials like the lab-manufactured ones for porcelain veneers cannot provide the required results. The dentist must formulate Bioclear material for redoing the procedure.

How Much Does Bioclear Cost?

The cost of Bioclear treatment is less than that of crowns or veneers. The exact amount depends on the dental clinic you visit, but the general range is approximately 25 to 50% less. However, the amount you spend can be more than the cost of bonding by up to 25%. The durability makes it a better option than bonding despite the price difference.

Who Can Repair or Replace Bioclear?

Any dentist who has completed their training and gained relevant experience can handle Bioclear replacement or repair. Finding a suitable dentist should not be challenging because many dental schools offer Bioclear Method classes. Confirm that they have completed their training and can restore your tooth to perfection. Cosmetic dentists who have undergone the training should be willing to show you their proficiency level.
Molson Park has qualified dentists that have Bioclear provision certifications. In addition, we have honed our skills in the Bioclear sector, making us experts in the techniques it involves.

Dr. May is the only certified Bioclear provider in the North of Toronto

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