Our Dentists Can Help Improve the Overall Beauty of Your Smile

Reunion parties, weddings, and other special events tend to intensify one’s interest in teeth cleaning and whitening services. Our team of experienced dentists and dental hygienists understands that you want to look your best during certain events. You deserve a dazzling smile every day, and that’s exactly what Molson Park Dental Office offers. The Barrie teeth whitening dentists and the entire team of dental professionals at Molson Park Dental Office offer reliable teeth whitening treatments for the best results and uniform whiteness. They use various teeth whitening products and techniques that are most appropriate to each patient.

Teeth Whitening Process


For most people, an effective dental care option is an in-office teeth whitening, a procedure performed by Dr.May – a professional dentist and dental hygienist at Molson Park Dental Office. During your consultation session or appointment with our oral health professionals, a certified dentist will apply a high-quality teeth whitening gel to your teeth’ surface. The entire teeth whitening process generally takes less than 90 minutes, and your desired results will become apparent within a short period. For patients who are looking for a healthy, bright smile, there are different options available for teeth cleaning and whitening in Barrie.

The different methods and products of teeth whitening provided at Molson Park Dental Office assure our patients that their smiles will be perfected through an excellent teeth whitening process. Note that different teeth whitening products and techniques all work in different but excellent ways, and some might be more appealing to you. It is in your best interest to schedule an appointment or consultation with one of our dentists to learn more about the available teeth whitening process.

Teeth Whitening Process

At Molson Park Dental Office, we use the Chair-Side Teeth Whitening process. It allows our patients to get a significantly whiter smile in just a single visit to a dental office that lasts for a maximum of 90 minutes. One of our experienced dentists will carefully apply teeth bleaching gel (using a dental dam) to your upper and lower teeth while avoiding soft tissues. A plasma arc light is then shinned onto your teeth for 30-minute intervals (two) to achieve the desired level of teeth whiteness. As you wait for the whitening gel to activate on your teeth surface, you can just sit back and watch a movie or listen to the music of your choice.

Keep in mind that having your teeth cleaned and whitened in a licensed dental facility is the safest and quickest way to achieve your desired level of teeth whiteness. Additionally, professional at-home teeth whitening options may be effective, particularly if prescribed by an experienced dentist. Our dentists will fit custom plastic whitening trays for you, which means you will be filling it with the recommended amount of teeth whitening gel and use it while at home. Also, they will recommend how many times to use this treatment and for how long.




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